Clothes Day

When my son passed away over three years ago, at the age of 29, like most parents it was excruciatingly painful to go through his belongings.  So many items that brought back those wonderful memories.

Nothing was thrown out.  Some 18 bins of clothes, plus boxes of personal effects, snowboards, music and movies and more went into storage.  There were those garments that just said “Mike” and I knew were his favorite and I pledged to keep, but  I knew in my heart I could not keep everything.  I didn’t know when “purge day” would come.  My wife and older son may want things, but I knew that it was still too soon for them as well.

Then recently my wife and I, out of the blue, were discussing what to do.  She (to my surprise) said, “Why keep so much?  There are others his age and size who need clothing, and I’d like to think his clothes were being put to good use”.  And so yesterday I went through it all and kept those garments that I knew we’d want, and gave away so much — and I was ABLE to.  Six months ago I don’t think I could have.  But I am at peace now with the decision.

My healing to this point has taken time, but it did happen.  It’s not complete (and I’m sure the pangs of grief will never completely go away), but it is better.

I thank my God that His gift of Hope has provided me with healing and comfort!

Steve Pazzi

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