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Thoughts on Memorial Day Weekend

It is Memorial Day weekend…I remember the first one came just a couple of weeks after Nina died on May 11th. It was really the first time I thought about what this weekend meant…of course, first and foremost, honoring and…

Valley of the Butterflies

There is a green, sun-drenched valley Light with the scent of clover and lilacs Where the butterflies dance. Leaping and swooping, they reflect colors Of every hue and dimension. There are monarchs and skippers, Swallowtails and delicate spring azures. Each…

Spring: A Time to Grow

After the snow, sleet and ice of winter, spring is a welcome season and one of new beginning. If you are like me, there is a feeling of elation as the sun slowly warms the earth. I eagerly search for…

Support for Families of Florida

The immediate availability of bereavement counseling is welcomed, but what happens when those counselors leave? Today’s horrific news, forgotten soon by the outside world, becomes the reality for the impacted families for the rest of their lives. There is help…

The Holiday are Behind Us

It is the new year. The holidays are behind us. We did with them what we could. Whether they were a time of sorrow, a time of joy, or a combination of each, they are now a part of our…

Hope Defined

After my daughter Rachael died in 1992, my husband and I received a letter from the local TCF Chapter. Rachael died in March, we went to our first meeting in July. We sat outside in the car, debating whether or…

What Grieving Moms Want for Mother’s Day

Acknowledgement is what grieving mother’s want most for Mother’s Day, suggests a survey by a website that specializes in meaningful sympathy gifts. The online survey asked, “What can others do to ease your pain on Mother’s Day?” Over 80…

Special Gift Ideas for a Grieving Mom on Mother’s Day

A grieving mother has an especially difficult time on Mother’s Day. She is torn between wanting to acknowledge her role as a mother and wanting to avoid the inevitable pain. Choosing a gift for a grieving mother can be tricky…

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