Articles by Shari O'Loughlin

Heart Connections – Daily Actions to Support Grief

Grief is felt and experienced differently depending on the time frame since the death of your child, sibling, or grandchild. It’s common to feel overwhelmed and hopeless at any time, but especially when the loss is more recent. When those…

Heart Connections – No New Photos

This past summer was the ten-year anniversary of the death of my son, Connor. I was struck by the inadequacy I felt about how to describe this very unwanted milestone that came faster than I would have imagined. I didn’t…

Heart Connections – The Bonds of Shared Grief

Divisiveness and intolerance for others’ views seem prevalent all around us today. We see it in our political beliefs, social justice concerns, and health environment. It is apparent within families, workplaces, and organizations. When we are grieving the painful death…

Heart Connections – Long-time Grief

The immediate time after a significant death is terribly painful in a raw, debilitating, and all-encompassing way. Others who witness our journey may feel and comprehend just a fraction of what we really experience. As more years pass, our experience…

Traditions: What to Keep and What to Let Go

Traditions are very important to our families, and we may share large and small ones throughout the year. Some may be in conjunction with significant events like a graduation or a wedding, and others occur annually on birthdays and holidays….

Heart Connections – Grief and Loss in a Pandemic

As we move toward the end of September, it’s hard to believe that we have been experiencing life in a pandemic for over six months. Grief and loss are pervasive on multiple levels in our nation and in the world…

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