Articles by Kimberly Starr

Blissfully Ignorant

As my husband, LJ, and I sat parked in our car at one of my favorite locations to play Pokémon Go, I watched a young, smiling couple with their two children playing in the multicolored fallen leaves. I opened my…

A Reason to Celebrate

The first Mother’s Day after Tom died was just a few months after he passed, and our loss was still fresh in the minds of our community. I awoke to a knock on the door, and when I opened it,…

Death Chose Him

I have struggled with a question for many months now. Was Tom mentally ill, or did he just decide he could no longer go on? Is mental illness a label we put on someone who dies by suicide to lessen the…

Suicide and Mental Illness: Don’t Let the Conversation Fade

Kate Spade. Robin Williams. Chester Bennington. Chris Cornell. All famous individuals who died by suicide in recent memory. After each of these deaths, the public mourned their passing together while bemoaning our country’s need to better understand mental illness, improve…


In his younger years, Tom loved stuffed animals. Much like me when I was his age, he connected with them on an emotional level. Each one was given an appropriate name and had its own personality, and the bookcases in…

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