Articles by Genesse Gentry

In This Place

  Brave hearts, you are here. You have traveled a dreadful distance. You have come, seeking solace, understanding, hope, threads to patch what death’s so cruelly undone.   In this place you can relax and breathe . . . the…

The Robin’s Song

It’s spring once again. Our part of the world is turning back towards the sun; trees are leafing out; wildflowers are blooming. Robins are again singing to one another. And, I believe, also singing to those who are grieving. Before…

Only December

Feelings heavy, tears and tears. Will the darkness last? Or is it-only December? Hadn’t past months brought peace and hope? Where is the strength of October- and November? Lights, carols, ornaments on trees, cards from friends, happy times in seasons…

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