Articles by Anna Silvernail

Living When You Don’t Want To

I can recall with perfect clarity the exact moment when I first realized I wanted to die. It was four weeks to the day after our daughter had passed. It was also our 20th wedding anniversary—a fact that was totally…

Grief Multiplied

One loss does not prepare you for another. My father passed away last week. He was 77 years old. He had a pacemaker, a bevy of unhealthy habits, and an assortment of health issues. And none of that made his loss…

Ghost Town

I live in another woman’s house. I drive another woman’s car. I wear her clothes and sleep in her bed. Sometimes, I stand in her closet and finger her jewelry and think things like, Why so many necklaces? and Where…

I am Angry

Feeling the anger today, hot and pulsing in my veins. I am angry she is gone. I am angry for everything she isn’t getting to do, everything she was robbed of. I am angry all her hard work, and mine…

Accommodating Grief

Every day, I make accommodations for this grief. Every. Single. Day. Without exception. On a “good” day, that might look like excusing myself to the bathroom at work where I can cry in private, if only for a few minutes,…

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