A Grandparent’s Perspective on Grief – A Double-Whammy

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  • We lost a granddaughter, born/died full term on Christmas day 15 years ago. It was so additionally difficult because I had another daughter who was also pregnant due two weeks later. She had a healthy baby boy. I’ve never been so torn with emotions, so sad for one daughter and trying to be happy for the other. It was and still is a difficult time.

  • I lost my adult son, aged 32, and was completely adrift in the aftermath. He had brain cancer, had recently married the mother of his baby and less than 9 months later died. Due to the marriage I was, as a parent, rendered completely and legally irrelevant. Although allowed to be present at the Hospice intake, I was ignored. When my son died, there were all sorts of Hospice supports for my daughter-in-law, but absolutely nothing for me. Grief support for parent groups in our area focused on the loss of a young child, not an adult one….but your child is your child no matter their age and I was drowning in a sea of sorrow and grief. The pastor of the Lutheran church I had been attending when my son died reached out to me, after noting my absences from services were becoming more frequent. He connected me with another woman in the church whose adult son had also died and he connected both of us to TCF. It has made such a difference to have a place to come and see that I am not alone in my experiences. I have, as a nurse, come in contact with many other parents who were struggling with the loss of an adult child and referred them to TCF. The feedback I get from them is the same: what a difference it makes to know you are not alone in your grief.

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