42nd National Conference

The 42nd TCF National Conference will be in held in Philadelphia, on July 19-21, 2019. “Hope Rings in Philadelphia” is the theme of next year’s event, which promises more of this year’s great National Conference experience. We’ll keep you updated with details here, on the national website as well as on our TCF/USA Facebook Page and elsewhere as they become available. Plan to come and be a part of this heartwarming experience.

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  • Dear friends, Truly desiring to let people know that they will be happy again. You see this is what was said to me in February, 1989. Attending my 1st Compassionate Friends meeting, not knowing at all what to expect, the leader opened up with “Believe me, you will be happy again”. I could not talk at that meeting. I would just choke when I opened my mouth. In fact, I couldn’t talk for about a month to anyone. I could get some words out to my 2 girls but not much.
    Here it is 29 years later, finding a need to attend a C.F. meeting and there isn’t one close by. Well, why don’t I look into starting one here in my county. Having a love and tenderness for parents who have buried a child.
    I live in Morehead City, North Carolina. There are 2 chapters here in the Eastern part of the state, but they are too far away. This area needs a chapter to help and love others. (There is a soldier who was brought home here with a flag draped over his casket just 2 weeks ago. Would love to reach out to this family). With the utmost love, Waleen Johnson

  • I am the sibling chapter leader in Washington DC and am excited that the conference will be so close this year. I also want to present a workshop for siblings so I’m excited about that!

  • We would like more information on the Philadelphia conference in July: cost, venue and the like. Many thanks. Ben and Lori Eastman

  • My husband and I are attending the Philadelphia conference and we cannot wait…this will be our third and it brings us closer to our Son. Compassionate Friends saved my life…I was a mess without any directions…with CF, I am not alone I have friends that have been on the same journey as me and my hubby. Looking forward to meeting my old friends from previous conference and new friends in Philly….Terri and Dave Kappel White Bear Lake, MN.

  • Hi . I am thinking about coming to the conference. I have one concern . I looked at the agenda and I am shocked to see that the three keynote speakers are all men . Why do you think this is ? I wonder if I am not ready for the conference . I am 14 months out from losing my 26 year old son . I am on the TCF online groups , and I will not generalize but I will say that some fathers are all about “making a plan” To move on and I don’t feel like that . I do believe that everyone grieves differently. I also believe that mothers and fathers grieve differently. I’m not sure what I’m looking for but I know it isn’t developing an action plan. No offense meant . I just want to be honest . I am 57 years old. Married , and a nurse of 38 years . So I don’t think my question is out of the norm .

    • Dear Sandy, It was not intential on our part to have three male keynote speakers, but we do understand what you are saying. All three men are bereaved parents, wonderful speakers and we know them to be very compassionate people. There is a bereaved sister who is speaking with her brother as a keynote at the closing program on the last morning of the conference following the Walk to Remember. The men that you read about are only keynote speakers at the opening program, luncheon, and the Saturday night dinner program. We have around 85 separate workshops, and the majority of those workshops are given by female presenters. There are also sharing sessions at night and the majority of them have female facilitators. I will be posting the bios and workshop descriptions of all our workshop presenters on The Compassionate Friends Conferences Facebook page – one almost every day between now and the National Conference. and you will see the numerous topics and presenters that we have at the conference. We also have a Reflection Room where you can go for peaceful reflection; the Gathering Place that is a hospitality area where you can visit with other bereaved moms and dads who are also here, many for the first time like yourself. There is the Crafty Corner where you can make things with others who also feel the therapeutic benefits of creating things with their hands; Healing Haven, where you can get a chair massage or do some breathing exercises, meditation; and a book store to look for grief resources that you may want to bring home with you. We have a Silent Auction/Raffle and a Butterfly Boutique. There really is something at the national conference for everyone. This will be my 20th year in a row of attending the national conferences, and meeting people that I see every year and even communicate with in between is one of the best things I have done for myself since my daughter and then my son both died. They are now lifelong friends who truly understand. I really hope you can go, Sandy. I think you will be glad you did. IF you have any questions I can help with, just let me know. Warmly, Cathy, TCF Director of Online Services

    • Your observation is valid- a feminine voice should be included in keynotes. I am also a nurse whose path of grief has been very different from my husband’s. However, this will be my third national conference after losing my adult son in 2016 so I feel confident in encouraging you to attend. Someone or something there will touch you and move you in a good direction. It may come from a workshop, a sharing session or even just a spontaneous conversation with someone over coffee. You can trust the process. Please come.
      Pat Timpanaro

  • Hi , I’m interested attending. I would like to know if there are grieving of substance abuse. My son was not an attack. No her ion, coke……would this be beneficial for . If you need more detail let me know

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