31 Messages of Hope

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Message 1

from Debbie Rambis, Tony’s Mom and Executive Director of The Compassionate Friends

Message 2

Message from Mark Rambis, Tony’s Dad

Message 3

Message from Erica McKeel, Murphy’s Mom

Message 4

Message from Steve Parker, Alyssa’s Dad

Message 5

Message from Marcia Alig, Daniel’s Mom

Message 6

Message from Jordon Ferber, Russell’s Brother

Message 7

Message from Mary and Bob Lane, Amanda’s Mom and Dad

Message 8

Message from Theresa Iervolino, Jessica’s Mom

Message 9

Message from Debbie Dullabaun, Little Dale’s Mom

Message 10

Message from Donna Flynn, Rich’s Mom

Message 11

Message from Barbara Allen, Jessica and Jim’s Mom; John Roger’s, Bill’s and Tom’s Sister; and Amanda’s Aunt

Message 12

Message from JSue Williams, Bernard’s Mom

Message 13

Message from French Smith, Stephen’s Dad

Message 14

Message from Roy and Barbara Davies, Roy and Taylor’s Mom and Dad

Message 15

Message from Allie Sims Franklin, Big A’s Sister

Message 16

Message from Patrick Malone, Lance’s Dad

Message 17

Message from Linda Wallace, Michael and Benjamin’s Mom

Message 18

Message from Debbie Floyd, TJ’s Mom

Message 19

Message from Art Estrella, Brian’s Dad

Message 20

Message from Chapter members of the Spring Texas Chapter

Message 21

Message from Cathy Tull, Sarah-Beth’s Mom

Message 22

Message from Nivia Vázquez, Jose’s Mom

Message 23

Message from Julie Brown, Korie and Kacie’s Mom

Message 24

Message from Heidi Horsley, Scott’s Sister

Message 25

Message from Bart Sumner, David’s Dad

Message 26

Message from Peggi Johnson, Jordan’s Mom

Message 27

Message from Mark Tull, Sarah-Beth’s Stepdad

Message 28

Message from Susan Chan, Rachael’s Mom

Message 29

Message from Keith Watts, Andrew’s Dad

Message 30

Message from Bradley and Bonita Vinson, Alannah’s Grandparents

Message 31

Message from Cindy Tart Bowers, Dennis’ sister

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