Love is Forever - Remembrance Ornament Tree

Remembrance Ornaments

Limited Time, quantities are limited

These hand blown birthstone color "Love is Forever" Remembrance Ornaments are a wonderful way to honor the memory of any child gone too soon. They convey the hue of traditional gem stone colors into the main color of the ornament and feature unique internal glass webbing for a remembrance memento you will always cherish. You have your choice of six inch or two inch diameter.

These "Love is Forever" Remembrance Ornaments can only be ordered by calling The Compassionate Friends. All ornaments come individually boxed. Six inch ornaments are $35 and 2 inch ornaments are $25. Shipping and handling is (first ornament in order) $10 for 6" and $8 for 2" plus $1-$2 extra for each additional ornament. Ornaments can only be shipped to United States and its territories and will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Call 877-969-0010 to order with your charge card (Visa, MC, Discover). IMPORTANT: Not all ornaments are in stock and available. Call to verify and to check shipping times.

Remembrance Ornaments

6" January (Garnet)
6" February (Amethyst)
6" March 6" (Aquamarine)
6" April (Diamond)
6" May (Emerald)
6" June (Alexandrite)
6" July (Ruby)
6" August (Peridot)
6" September (Sapphire)
6" October (Tourmaline)
6" November (Yellow Topaz)
6" December (Blue Topaz)
  2" January (Garnet)
2" February (Amethyst)
2" March (Aquamarine)
2" April (Diamond)
2" May (Emerald)
2" June (Alexandrite)
2" July (Ruby)
2" August (Peridot)
2" September (Sapphire)
2" October (Tourmaline)
2" November (Yellow Topaz)
2" December (Blue Topaz)