Workshop Presenter Information

The Compassionate Friends 2014 National Conference will be held in Chicago, IL July 11-13. We are currently seeking workshop presenters for that conference. The information below outlines the criteria used in making these decisions. Workshop presenter forms (see link bottom of page) must be submitted by October 15.

The Compassionate Friends invites a combination of new and experienced presenters. It uses a group of core workshop presenters who consistently receive good reviews, are dependable, and well liked by its conferees. The Compassionate Friends uses this core group of people as anchors and builds its presenter base until the desired number of presenters is met.

The Compassionate Friends feels that each of the following are areas in which workshop representation is needed at each conference:

  • Causes of death
  • Ages of the children
  • Grief related to family and friends
  • Grief of grandparents
  • Creativity
  • Early grief
  • No surviving children
  • Sibling related issues
    • Sibling age issues
    • Parental/family issues
    • Creativity
    • Adult sibling loss
    • Grief process as experienced by siblings
  • Long term griever
  • General bereavement issues
    • Religion
    • Finding hope
    • Anger
    • Depression
    • Handling the holidays
    • Handling special days
  • When reviewing workshop presenter forms the following is considered:
    • Workshop material that conforms with the Seven Principles.
      1. TCF offers friendship, understanding, and hope to bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents.
      2. TCF believes that bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents can help each other toward a positive resolution of grief.
      3. TCF reaches out across society’s barriers to all bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents.
      4. TCF understands that every member has individual needs and rights.
      5. TCF reaches out to the bereaved primarily through our community of local chapters and secondarily by website, social media, and conferences.
      6. TCF chapters belong to their members.
      7. TCF is coordinated nationally in its support to its chapters, bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents.
    • Fresh, new workshops that are unique in subject matter.
    • Well thought out proposals.
    • Proposals that will be helpful to conferee’s grief journey.
    • Informative in nature.
  • Care is taken to assure the presenters are not volunteering to do a workshop to:
    • Sell a product or service.
    • Prescribe or proselytize spiritually, legally or medically.

Please fill out the Workshop Presenter Form if you wish to be considered to present a workshop at the 2014 TCF National Conference in Chicago, IL. Deadline is October 15, 2013.